Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery

Choose from Mexico (Cancun or Tijuana), Thailand, Costa Rica, Greece or Vietnam

You’ll probably be quite surprised how much cheaper Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery can be in other countries.

Here’s a visualization:

We compare the costs for Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery in the USA, Mexico, Costa Rica & Thailand

Although in the US, many bariatric surgeons consider the RNY Gastric Bypass as the “gold standard”, in other parts of the world the mini gastric bypass is becoming more and more popular.

In Europe, particularly, many clinics perform the mini gastric bypass almost exclusively.

The MGB VS RNY Gastric Bypass

The key difference between the two procedures is given away in the MGB’s other name, the Loop Bypass.

Rather than the more complicated Y-shaped construction of the more traditional bypass, the simpler loop means the Mini procedure is comparatively simpler and quicker, resulting in a lower chance of complications.

The History

Actually, the MGB is not really a very new technique at all – it was used as far back as the 1960’s before the RNY technique was developed.

The problem with the technique was that it had a tendency to cause severe reflux, which could often result in inflammation, and if leakage occurred in the abdomen, extremely painful ulceration could occur.

For some years, this method was abandoned, as bariatric surgeons realized that the risks outweighed the benefits to weight management.

The Present Day

Modern techniques place the loop lower down, to minimize these risks.

The end result is a surgery that is faster to perform, and with decreased risks, since the procedure is simpler to perform laparoscopically (meaning via keyhole surgery).


Mini-Gastric Bypass Animation

Where Can I Get Affordable Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery?

Currently, we are able to offer five great destinations for overseas weight loss surgery:

  • Mexico (Cancun or Tijuana)
  • Costa Rica
  • Thailand
  • Greece
  • Vietnam


Any of these countries will be able to provide you with excellent private treatment at roughly half the price as you would expect to pay in the US or most other countries.

We can make the process of arranging treatment hassle-free, and can help with organizing travel as well!

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