Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery

Stop putting off treatment – the prices are no longer an excuse!

We can help you arrange affordable Gastric Bypass surgery. By putting you in touch with reputable, high quality clinics in Mexico, Costa Rica, and Thailand, we can help you to save half the US cost, and even up to two-thirds of the US cost.

Compare Prices for Full Gastric Bypass in the USA and Overseas:

USA vs Mexico, Costa Rica & Thailand - Compare Average  Prices for Gastric Bypass Surgery

US $25,000
Mexico $10,750
Costa Rica $12,500
Thailand $10,500

That’s a pretty significant price difference by anyone’s standards.

By the way, this is comparing clinics with similar standards and quality of care!

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The Most Common Method of Performing the Gastric Bypass

What is involved with the procedure?


The Gastric Bypass is to be considered an absolute last resort, when all other attempts of weight loss have been tried, and have proven unsuccessful.

Surgery always has risks, but since as a patient there’s a the issues of weight, and also a high chance of weight-related medical issues, the risks can be higher.

So, what happens during Gastric Bypass surgery?

Firstly, incisions will be made in your abdominal area, through which will be inserted surgical trocars.

These will be used as access points for your surgeon; his surgical instruments will be inserted through these, allowing him to operate in the least-invasive way that can be achieved with this particular type of procedure.

Next, your surgeon will use a stapling device to divide your stomach, creating a smaller pouch which will form your “new” stomach.

The smaller stomach will reduce the amount of food you will be able to eat before feeling full.

This means that:

  1. You’ll eat less (obviously!)
  2. You’ll also slowly train yourself to eat smaller portions of food.


Then, the small intestine will be divided into two, and the lower section  reattached to the newly-created stomach pouch.

This is why the procedure is called the gastric bypass.

Since the intestines are re-routed, bypassing some of your small intestines, your ability to absorb calories and nutrients from food is greatly reduced.

In fact, it is this combination of eating less food, and reducing the calorific intake from the food that you do eat, that makes the procedure so effective for fast weight loss.

Finally, the upper portion of the small intestine is reattached to the lower portion of the small intestine, allowing bile and pancreatic fluids from the liver and pancreas to completely digest food while reducing the amount of calories your body is able to absorb.

Perhaps it is easier to follow what is involved by watching an animation of the procedure…if so, the video a little further up this page explains how the operation works.

Risks & Complications

Obviously, this is a complex operation.

All surgeries carry a degree of risk, but Gastric Bypass carries more than most, because:

  1. Surgery on people who are extremely overweight is simply more risky
  2. Overweight people have a high chance of having weight-related medical conditions, again increasing the risk factors.


More about risks…

Even when everything goes completely to plan, there can be complications.

 So, how much will Gastric Bypass Surgery Cost?

Okay, so the costs are going to be high.

It doesn’t matter where you get a surgery of this nature, the skills of a qualified and experienced bariatric surgeon do not come cheap.

But traveling overseas does give you the opportunity to take advantage of the lower wages, infrastructure costs etc.

Of course, the procedure will still be outside of the price range for a great many people living in that country.

But chances are even on a below-average US income, you’ll be much more likely to be able to afford treatment abroad.

An average price in the US is currently around $25,000.

The same procedure in Mexico or Costa Rica will cost you less than half of that – a saving of at least $13,000!

In Thailand and Malaysia, costs get even lower, and you can find prices that are just one-third of the US prices.

Bear in mind that the bariatric surgeons are no less qualified in these overseas clinics.

Nor are the facilities any less equipped.

Is Gastric Bypass surgery for me?

Ultimately, this is something only you can decide.

Is it for everyone?

Absolutely not!

If you have medical insurance that will cover surgery in your own country, why wouldn’t you do that?

And if you have $13,000 or more just sitting in the bank waiting to be spent, again, surgery abroad is probably not for you.

However, if you do not have the necessary funds, and your medical insurance won’t cover surgery in the US, and you understand that your health is at serious risk if you don’t take some drastic action, and soon…

…Then there is a high chance that we can help you change your life for the better.

Contact us today to get in touch with the best overseas clinics and find out more!




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