Which Are the Best Countries for Cheaper Weight Loss Surgery?

Firstly, and most importantly, as a patient, you’ve got to understand that the best countries for cheaper weight loss surgery are not necessarily the very cheapest.

Secondly, you also should realize that every country will have first-rate, and also second-rate clinics for weight loss.

We only work with reputable clinics, which is what sets us apart from other medical tourism services.

With that being said, we are pleased to be able to help you arrange treatment in any of the following countries:


Mexico is one of our very most popular destinations for surgery abroad, ideally located for US residents! Find out more…

Costa Rica

Also hugely popular with our US and Canadian visitors, Costa Rica provides a pleasant, relaxing environment to recuperate. More…


Bangkok is the most popular medical tourism destination in the world, bar none! More info…


We think Malaysia will soon be one of the world’s best destinations for medical tourism, with superb medical facilities. Read more…


Our newest location for affordable bariatric surgery – and our visitors seem to love it! More…


Any of these countries should be able to save you approximately half of the cost of treatment, even when you factor in the cost of travel!

In some instance, you can find yourself paying just one-tenth of the US price.

We don’t currently have any clinics we are working with in Europe, although we hope to find some great clinics that meet our high standards of patient care anytime soon!

You can follow any of the links above to find out more about these destinations, and whether they will suit you.

…Otherwise, just fill out the short, simple form below, and we help you get in touch with highly reputable Bariatric surgeons overseas.

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