About Us

For over 10 years, we’ve been helping patients like you, who are suffering from obesity and the related health problems that come with it…

…and even after all that time, we love making such an amazingly positive impact on people’s lives just as much as we did on Day One!

Can you think of another surgery or treatment that can improve your health, increase your life expectation, improve your appearance, boost your self-image and increase personal confidence? (I can’t!)

Just so you know, we’re not doctors! We simply help connect you with Internationally-Trained Bariatric Surgery Specialists at safe, reputable and World-Class clinics in countries that will be much more affordable for you.

You’ll be in the very best of hands!

At the moment, you can choose from Mexico (either Tijuana or Cancun), Costa Rica, Thailand, Vietnam or Greece.

All of these countries are able to save you significant sums of money, and we’ve found you the very best clinics in each of them!

So, stop waiting for treatment in a hospital in your country that you possibly may never be able to afford.

Just fill out this quick, simple form, and we’ll put you in touch with top weight loss clinics who’ll help you to recover the real you!

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